The Mathemagical Mahira NFT Collection


Women have made amazing contributions throughout the ages in the fields of math and related subjects like astronomy, physics, and more.

A Collection of 10,000 (1/1)

Who is Mahira?

Mahira is one of the bright young heroes from the World of Wiz-a-Witz™. At 16 years old, she loves solving complex problems and for her, math is magical!. That’s why her friends lovingly call her “Mathemagical Mahira”. Her goal is to inspire every girl in her town to explore the wonders of math and to cultivate passion for STEAM field that can lead to an amazing career.

Come and explore mathematics through the lens of Mahira’s curiosity. Learn about some of the pioneering women who rose above the challenges of their times, made breakthrough contributions in the field of mathematics, and broke barriers to pave paths for current and future generations. Explore some of her favorite math-related puzzles, games, curiosities, and related quotations and open the door to a tesseract full of possibilities.




The Women of Wiz-a-Witz

Dr. Jasmine G

Founder, Mentor & Advocate for  Girls in STEAM

Cynthia Kirkeby

Founder, Innovator, Artist & Innovation Advisor



Coder, Game Designer & Web3 learner