Computer Tablets

The Wiz-a-Witz website is shown on both a white and a black computer tablet in Mahira’s hands in many of the Mathemagical Mahira NFTs.

An abbreviated history of the computer tablet

  • 1951.  One of the earliest references to a computer tablet was probably a description of a calculator pad in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novel.

  • 1971.   Alan Kay designs the first concept drawings of a tablet computer, even though it was more like a laptop than a tablet, it was the beginning of an idea.

  • 1992.   IBM released the ThinkPad.

  • 1993.   Compaq released the Concerto, the first hybrid laptop-tablet computer.

  • 2005.   Nokia released the Nokia 770, the first “Internet tablet” focused on Internet browsing.

  •  This was the year of the laptop

    • January  – Apple released the first iPad with a 9.7-inch touchscreen

    • August – Toshiba released the LIberetto with a 7-inch screen that folded in half

    • September – Samsung released the Galaxy Tab

    • November – Barnes & Noble released the Nook Color

  • 2011.   Amazon released the Kindle Fire  with a 7-inch display

  • 2012.   Apple released the iPad Mini with a 7.9-inch display

  • 2013.   Microsoft released the Surface Pro, a 2-in-1 tablet computer