Our Company Roadmap

Phase 1 (Q2)

Ideate, Design & Build

  • Launch the WizaWitz™ NFT website.
  • Design and develop characters for World of Wiz-a-Witz™ expansion.
  • Generate Mathemagical Mahira™ NFT collection.

Phase 2 (Q3)

Fundraise and Expand

  • Begin the public sale of Mathemagical Mahira™ NFT collection.
  • Unveil Wiz-a-Witz™characters per the NFT roadmap.
  • Expansion of Wiz-a-Witz™ website.

Phase 3 (Q4)

Game Development

  • Begin Wiiz-a-Witz™ game prototyping and playtesting.
  • Possible development of second series Wiz-a-Witz™ NFT collection (after the Mathemagical Mahira™ NFT collection is sold out).

Phase 4 (2023)

Game Release and Expansion

  • Launch of Wiz-a-Witz™ board game.
  • Wiz-a-Witz™ attendance at the Licensing Expo.
  • Explore strategic collaboration for expanding Wiz-a-Witz™ products.