Wiz-a-Witz Logo Variations

A little playfulness

The following Wiz-a-Witz logo variants were created by designing patterns that were then applied to our basic color-gradient logo through an A.I. technique which allows us to take the design of one image and recompose it into a new image with the style of a second image.

This is the standard variation of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo. It’s a gradation of color representing inclusion in the arts.

This variant of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo celebrates the era of Pop Art, which drew from modern media, advertising, and popular culture (which is where it gets its name).

This soft watercolor variant of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo evokes thoughts of Claude Monet, a French painter and founder of impressionism, who is seen as one of the primary artists that led to the modernism movement. The impressionism movement explored color theory, the effects of light, and the emotions it evoked.

Piet Mondrian was the inspiration for this variant of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo. Born in the late 1800s, Mondrian’s signature style emerged in the early 1900s when he moved to Paris and got involved with artists, like Picasso, in the analytic cubism movement.

The design of this Wiz-a-Witz™ logo variant is influenced by the luminescent quality of floral patterns in stained glass.

The electric patterning of this variant of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo is a salute to Nikola Tesla who predicted that technology would unleash the true power of women  In an interview with Collier’s Magazine, Tesla stated “It is not in the shallow physical imitation of men that women will assert first their equality and later their superiority, but in the awakening of the intellect of women.”

This variant of the Wiz-a-Witz logo is another celebration of Pop Culture.

Erté was known for his fashion designs. He did over 200 designs for the cover of Harper Bazaar Magazine, as well as designs for ballet and opera stage productions. Mid-life he switched to focus on the fine art side of his career where he became an important part of the Art Deco art community. This variant of the Witz-a-Witz™ logo celebrates the beautiful patterns integral to his work.

Our solar system is reflected in this variant of the Wiz-a-Witz™ logo. 

Since Wiz-a-Witz™ is full of energy and enthusiasm, this logo variant is full of bubbly effervescence. 

This variant of the Wiz-a-WItz™ logo merges our color gradient with the feel of an art deco floral.

The color blocks in this variant of the Witz-a-Wtiz logo play with math in color theory.